Pippo Cattaneo Research Associate

Short resume

Giuseppe CATTANEO was born in Bari in 1960. He took a Laurea degree cum laude in Scienze dell'Informazione from University of Salerno in 1983.

In 1984 he has been Technical Consultant at the Dept. of Computer Science.

Since 1986 he is reserch associate at Dept. of Computer Science at Un iversity of Salerno.

In 1987, with a post-graduate fellowship he went at LITP at University of Paris VI where he spent 3 years as Research staff Member investigating on Logical-Functional languages and the possible extensions toward parallelism. During this period he has developed on a Com mon-Lisp Machine a sub-system introducing the main parallell constructs in the programming environment.

Since 1990 his reserch activity was dedicated to the design and implementation of an Object Oriented Programming Language specialized to develop applications on massively parallel hardware (Actor Programming Language). This activities have been developed in collaboration with Prof. Gu l Agha, Professor at Urbana-Champaign University, Illinois USACurrently he is with the Department of Computer Science at University of Salerno.

Since 1993 with Professor F.G. Italiano, he started working on Algorithm Engineering. At the beginning he collaborated with an internation group to design a common platform which should be used as testbed in the algorithm performance analisys. Successively he was involved in dynamic graph algorithms, implementing and comparing about 10 theoretical algolrithms (Dynamic Connectivity and Minimum Spanning Tree ) whose performance had been analized only from an asymptotic point of view. From this studies, togheter with some members of the alcom-it EEC project, he realized a LEP (LEDA Extension Package for dynamic graphs) that is distributed over the net (MPI LEP Dynamic Graphs).

Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni "Renato M.Capocelli", UniversitÓ di Salerno (Italy)