Hi! Welcome to my home page. My name is Paolo D'Arco and I am an Associate Professor at the University of Salerno. For research interests, I joined the Department of Computer Science.

General Information

As an Associate Professor, my job and duties consist in activities like doing research, teaching classes, tutoring students, writing project proposals and looking for funds, organising and participating in research events, reviewing papers for conferences and journals, and getting involved in some committees.

Research Interests

My research interests mainly focus on Cryptography. Technical details about the problems I have studied up to now can be found here. Cryptography is a fascinating and challenging topic. If you are not familiar with the subject and you are curious about it, to get started and have a nice time, I would suggest to read The Code Book by Simon Singh. Italian readers might alternatively have a look at this (unpublished manuscript) on Classical Cryptography.
Crittografia Classica. Enjoy!

Research Networks

I have been in the management committee (national coordinator for Italy) of the COST Action IC1403 Cryptacus.