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It is through your comments that I often can learn how to improve this site.
For this reason your comments are considered invaluable, earning my highest appreciation!

Date: Sunday, May 13, 2001
Time: 9:31 AM EST

Submitted by:  Paul

Informative?: Yes, very informative

Improve: Add more pictures, Fix the broken links

Comments: THIS SITE IS THE BEST!!...
although its anoying when the links are broken.
I cant wait till the school project part comes!

Email address: andrew@deacon1.freeserve.co.uk

Informative?: Yes, very informative

Comments: Great site, thanks. 
Could you tell me where I can get hold of a book containing the
equations featured as the background to your main page? 
I can understand Polish resentment at early British accounts (eg Winterbotham's)
omitting Polish achievements.  But this was based on ignorance, made worse by secrecy.
It's nothing to do with any anti-Polish conspiracy.
Polish pilots who flew with the RAF were renowned for their fearlessness and much admired
in Britain.  British people have no desire to diminish what Rejewski & co achieved.
You also refer several times to Polish "mastery" of Enigma.
As you well know, Enigma was a "moving target", getting ever more complex and
sophisticated as time went on.  Bletchley Park had to run fast just to keep up.
Without R' & co I doubt they'd have got started, but this does not diminish their
achievements.  Please present a more balanced view, uncontaminated by nationalistic bias.
Thanks again for your site.

Andrew Deacon

ps Tony Sale's point about luck needs to be read in context.
He is fully aware of the difficult mathematics done!
by R' before making the final intellectual leap.

My Aswer:

Dear Anrew,

You're talking about my "nationalistic bias", and ask for a "more balanced view".
Well, can I ask you, in Britain, to be more historically accurate, instead?
Almost every publication in Britain does not even mention the work of Polish Mathematicians!
Until very recently (I believe until Februry of this year, after the direct approach of the
Prime Minister of Poland) even the Britannica.com, DID NOT mention the work of the Polish Team.
Would you call it an ignorance, too?

When I say here, that the tremendous task at Bletchley Park wouldn't be even possible
without the solid background of the Polish Cipher Bureau, you call it a "nationalitic view".
Whatever you call it, my goal is to present the Real History. 

Lech Maziakowski

PS1. With all respect to the Bletchley Park Team, but did you ever read in the
official BP Publications who was the first to decrypt the Enigma messages DURING THE WAR?
Yes, again Marian Rejewski and his team, working this time in France.
Nationalistic view?  

PS2. What can be done to stop the distribution of the new "historical" movie, based on the
book "Enigma" by Harris? The movie is in its final production stage in Great Britain. 
Open question.

PS3. The equations featured as the background to my main page can be found in the book:
"The Enigma Cipher: Methods of Breaking" by Krzysztof Gaj (Publisher: Transport and
Communications Press - Wydawnictwa Komunikacji i Lacznosci), Warszawa, 1989
The Web site is: http://www.ee.rochester.edu:8080/~ee492/bio/book.html 

Date: Sunday, March 18, 2001
Time: 9:58 PM

Email address: arthur.w@sympatico.ca

Informative?: Very informative site

Good to see not all Poles are the Lech Walesa types.
We need more like you who know the truth.
Too many do nothing and aprove by doing NOTHING the
lies and distorted "facts".
And speaking of a fraud Lech Walesa is a top ten candidate.
Strike strike and more strikes is all he preached using
the Christ as his tool.
Good work, keep the facts coming.

Date: Monday, January 29, 2001
Time: 8:59 AM EST

Email address: peter_osgood@excite.com

Informative?: Yes, very informative

Comments: Well done!
Polish achivements are often omitted, overlooked or downplayed.
It is good that you are trying to be better known to the rest
of the world! 
To improve the site I would give more info about Rejewski,
Rozycki and Zygalski!
But even without that the page is very good. Congratulations,
Sydney, 30.01.2001.

Date: Monday, December 18, 2000
Time: 10:58 PM EST

Email address: royalbengalrebel@yahoo.com

Informative?: Yes, very informative

Comment: very good .i liked your site 

Date: Monday, December 4, 2000
Time: 6:01 AM EST

Email address: adrian.traves@SPO.siemens.com.ph

Comment: At last a site that recognises the talents of Major Rejewski
and the Poles, without whose work Bletchley would have been
years behind. Congratulations!

I also share your condemnation of "U571" as a travesty of the truth.
My grandfather was Coxswain of H.M.S. Petard, which captured the codes
from U559, and I know he would have been hurt at the injustice done
by this film to men like Fasson and Grazier, who died
retrieving the weather codes.


Thank you for all your comments!

Copyright (c) 1996-2000 Lech Maziakowski