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Roberto De Prisco

Dipartimento di Informatica
Università di Salerno

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I am pianist and arranger of the tango group 30inTango of the University of Salerno (the webpage is in Italian). With this group I recorded the CD companion of a biography of argentinian musician Eduardo Rovira (Oèdipus Editor, ISBN 978-88-7341-159-8.) . The CD contains two pieces by Eduardo Rovira (which I have arranged for the 30inTango sextet) and one which I have dedicated to him. Below you can find the audio files:

  1. A Evaristo Carriego
  2. Milonga Para Mabel y Peluca
  3. A Eduardo Rovira

Jazz Orchestra
I play the saxophone with the Jazz Orchestra of the University of Salerno (the webpage is in Italian). With this orchestra I played at the internationally renowned jazz festival Umbria Jazz (Perugia, Italy) in 2012.

I sing in the CoroPop of the University of Salerno, an "a cappella" choir with a pop reportoire (the webpage is in italian). With the choir I recorded a CD in 2011. On January 14, 2011, we participated in the national TV show "I Raccomandati", hosted by "Neri per Caso".

Basta Pasta Week
This is old stuff (ca. 1996) resurrected for some friends ... anyway you might find some useful recipes!!! The links at the bottom of the pages refer to my old webpage at MIT.

While at MIT I played with the MIT grad soccer team. In the picture (click it for a bigger one) I am easily recognizable by the yellow socks. I used to wear either yellow or red socks, for no reason other than that those socks were my own and they fit my feet better than the black ones of the team's uniform (regardless of what Bashar, 4th from the right in the standing row, may be saying!).
This team won the 2001 Bay State Soccer League. We also won both the League and the Bay State Cup in 1996. In 2004 the team won again the Bay State Soccer League (I had already left Boston at that time).
I scored a total of 77 gaols in 6 years (only Rich scored more than me, but he played many more years than me).

I also enjoyed playing hockey. I had to learn from scratch since I could not even skate in the beginning. I never learned to skate backwards, but after a couple of years I was able to go quite fast forward and to brake. That was enough to play decently in the MIT D league with the Lab for Computer Science's Halting Problem team. On the left is a picture of this team for the year 2001; I am in the front row on the right.
I scored a total of 3 (!!!) goals with this team, 2 of which in my last game. I actually scored also one other goal in a game played with the hockey team of the Math department. That makes a total of 4 (!!!) goals in my hockey career ;-). The picture on the right shows a play where I am waiting (right in front of the goally) for an assist from Charles Leiserson (no. 75). Unfortunately I did not score that time.