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Vittorio Scarano

Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ di Salerno, Italy

Research Projects

  • (2005-2008) Vittorio Scarano has been coordinating the Research Unit of the University of Salerno (Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni) for the EU-project (VI framework) ``Lead: Technology-enhanced learning and problem solving discussion''. The project is a 2-million euros STREP project (Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project) with 7 partners from 4 european countries. In this project, the Research Unit coordinated by Vittorio Scarano is responsible for the design and development of a programmable platform for synchronous and co-located collaboration in classrooms. The outcome is a highly efficient and expandable platform, called CoFFEE (Cooperative Face2Face Educational Environment) that is available open-source on Sourceforge and since launched (Oct. 2008) has already reached almost 1 thousand downloads.
  • (2002-2006) Vittorio Scarano has been in charge of one of the workpackages of the University of Salerno Research Unit in the WebMinds project (FIRB project WebMinds: Wide-Scale, Broadband, Middleware for Network Distributed Services). WP's goal was the design and development of an efficient programmable HTTP proxy platform.
  • (2002-2006) In the regional-government funded ``Centro Regionale di Competenza INNOVA per lo Sviluppo ed il Trasferimento dell'Innovazione Applicata ai Beni Culturali e Ambientali'' (Regional Center of Competence for the Development, Transfer of the Innovation applied to the Cultural Heritage and the Environment) he was coordinating one of the four workpackages of the University of Salerno Research Unit about the methodologies for remote collaboration and content adaptation for the resources on Cultural Heritage available on the Web.
  • (2004-2005) Vittorio Scarano coordinated one of the workpackages of the Research Unit or the EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci project WHITE (Web for handicap Integrated Training Environment). The goal of the research was to design guidelines and tools for providing training on the web to people with disabilities and low vision handicaps. During the project, the team lead by Vittorio Scarano studied and developed applications based on programmable proxies that employ content adaptation techniques to facilitate the Web navigation to people with disabilities.


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