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Vittorio Scarano

Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ di Salerno, Italy

Research Interests

Vittorio Scarano's research was first directed at the parallel architectures and algorithms, with an emphasis on models and techniques for automatic mapping of programs to multiprocessor architectures. More recently,his interests in this area were expanded to cover overlay networks and peer2peer architectures, as well as the research in computer graphics and usage of GPUs for parallel computations.

As the World Wide Web appeared, a significant part of the applied research of Vittorio Scarano was focussed on the techniques to use the World Wide Web as a platform to offer advanced and interactive services to users. The ultimate goal is to make navigation on the Web a more enjoyable, supported and effective experience so that the user can benefit from the humongous amount of information available by means of personalized access and cooperation with other users on the Web. In this area, his main work was devoted to the kind of services that can be delivered by intermediaries (HTTP proxies).

Recently, his research interests are also devoted to information visualization and interactive virtual environments. In this latter area, his interests are mainly on the applications of the videogame engines to non-ludic contexts (so called ``serious games'').





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Mail: vitsca@dia.unisa.it

Phone: +39 089 96 9733

Fax:         39 089 96 9600