ENIGMA Cipher Machine - History of Solving
*********** WELCOME to the one of the most detailed Home Page yet available on the Internet, covering the beginnings of the work on breaking the German ENIGMA Cipher Machine Code. * * * * * * ENIGMA Cipher Machine Milestones: * 1926 - an updated version of the Enigma Machine began to appear in the German Navy... * 1929 - three Polish students of Mathematics began working on the German Ciphers... * December 1933: Marian Rejewski solved the rotor connections in the German Enigma Machine... * from January 1933 until December 1938 Polish Cryptologists were able to read almost all German Messages encrypted by ENIGMA... * July 24-26, 1939: Poland gave three copies of the reconstructed Enigma Machine and passed all available methods of decrypting messages to Great Britain and France. ***********
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