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Brochure The Cryptographic Mathematics of Enigma published by the NSA (Achtung! File Size: 2.5 MB!). Sorry, this link is currently unavailable.
  A copy of the brochure published by the NSA; in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Format
Brochure The Bombe published by the NSA (Achtung! File Size: 2.2 MB!)


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Download the simulators of the following Cipher Machines: * Naval Enigma M3  * Naval Enigma M4  * Army / Air Force *  Railway Enigma  *  The Abwehr Enigma * The Swiss NEMA Cipher Machine  *  Siemens and Halske T52 Cipher Machine * The ECM Mk II ( aka SIGABA)  * Hagelin Machines...
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